Three men tried to enter parliament today all dressed in clothes of their respective cultures in protest to the banning of wearing such clothing in public spaces such as banks or parliament house.

Garry, who is part of the Motorcycle Is Life church in Canberra said:

“I’ve been wearing this helmet all my life, so too have my family and so too have my parents and their parents before them. ”

“We wear the helmet as not only a show of respect and modesty, but as also a sign of our undying love of the one true motorcycle god.”

“For he is air I breath, the leaves that sway, the water in my cup. ”

Gary then explained the history of the helmet:

“The motorcycle helmet and other cycling equivalents have been worn by those practicing our true religion for thousands of years, the first, the great prophet Barry, or Baz, or Bazza, descended on his Harley Davidson from Mount Sinai with the first helmet gifted to him from the motorcycle god, made entirely of olive branches”

“Ever since then the helmet, which has represented our peoples way of life has been fought for, has been died for.”

We asked Garry what his church or anyone practicing his religion would do if we were to ban the helmet, he started to cry and struggled to talk as his helmet began to fill with tears:

“We would weep… weep for thousands of years… Our god will punish us… We would fry… in hell… like the bacon… or the egg… To Ban the helmet is to ban our way of life, our purpose for life.”

“The Helmet is love. The Helmet… is life. Why would anyone ban such thing?”