The White House loves sequels just as much as any other studio in hollywood.

Despite mostly negative reviews of the previous release, The White House has announced Iraq War 3 has been green-lit and is already in pre-production on location in Iraq.

White House executive Barack Obama has mentioned that IW3 will revolve around the life of  Sgt. Hermes Pepper an unmanned ariel drone.

Sgt. Pepper at bootcamp. 

Obama revealed that Hermes would be played by hollywood mega-star Christian Bale (Dark knight, American Psycho). Bale, known for his willingness to change himself physically for his roles, has reported to have adopted an intensive and unorthodox fitness regime to get in proper physical form for the role.

The budget is expected to be smaller than the last IW2 (a whopping 1.2 trillion). IW3 has a significantly smaller cast as it was reported The White house wanted it “minimal, something that could get into Sundance. We’re thinking that giving the franchise legitimate critical acclaim will build a strong foundation for the the next Instalment. ”

IW3 is scheduled for release in 2015.